Kobe has been back in the office since mid-February. When the epidemic is overwhelmingly public concern, work has become Kobe 's unique way of decompression. Looking at the future and present, he and his team are about to grasp new opportunities in their CGP career. According to the current pace of work, Kobe expects that the impact of the epidemic on the PE/VC industry will gradually recover in Q2 and even achieve overtaking performance.

Team workload is close to the same period last year.

In early February, due to the dual impact of the extended Spring Festival holiday and the outbreak of the epidemic, the workload of the Kobe team was reduced to 70% of the same period last year. With companies' gradual returning to work, the downturn in the market has begun to rebound, and corporate recruitment needs have gradually increased. Since the end of February, his team workload and work rhythm have been close to the same period last year. Kobe believes that the current state of the talent market is close to his expectations, and the short-term impact of the "Black Swan" is gradually reducing.

Recruitment is generally suspended in the industry; however some institutions have bucked the trend.

Undoubtedly, the impact of the epidemic on the PE/VC industry was immediate. The performance of investment projects during the epidemic was bleak, and planned investment projects were delayed due to the inability to conduct field visits. Therefore, Kobe currently has about 30% of clients have suspended recruitment for certain positions.

At the same time, there are some new funds that have just received a large amount of financing or funds with industrial backgrounds are accelerating the pace of investment. They are not likely to be affected by short-term factors and their recruitment requirements are very stable. In addition, for some market leaders, this time is a good opportunity to bottom out the high-end talent market. Instead, they have accelerated the pace of interviews. The only difference is that contactless interviews replace live interviews.

Kobe's team has precipitated in the field of PE/VC for nearly a decade. After experiencing several economic fluctuations, he always believes that in any economic cycle and industry situation, the market should be viewed differentially. There must be companies with employment demands.

Companies and talents have a higher acceptance of cloud interviews.

Kobe's recent candidates have used video interviews to go through the final process and successfully accepted the offer. For companies and job seekers, video conferencing has long been a daily tool for collaborative work. Invariably, professionalism has always been the primary factor in talent selection.

For job seekers with relatively little video interview experience, there is still a gap between the status and perception of video interviews and ordinary interviews. Kobe recommends that job seekers adjust their personal status and maintain their original job or normal interview status in clothing and dressing. They can seek a career consultant to demonstrate the process before the interview to avoid shortcomings.

Compensation and benefits are not affected by the epidemic, and there is a shortage of talents in 2B technology innovation enterprise services and big entertainment industries.

Kobe and his team are deeply involved in the PE/VC field, serving leading PE/VC institutions, mostly large Internet / technology / medical health companies. The epidemic basically has not affected the recruitment needs of these institutions throughout the year. For the positions being recruited, talent compensation and benefits and work content are not affected by the epidemic as well.

In the long term, the epidemic has little impact on the demand for talents in the PE/VC industry. The national industrial policy direction has guided the investment pace. As the country encourages technological innovation, To B fields, technological innovation, domestic substitution and other related industries will become capital popular sectors. Candidates with industry + investment background are in strong demand, and the demand for investment talents in the 2C e-commerce sector will no longer be as huge as several years ago. In addition, the popularity of high-quality Internet content generated by the "housing economy" is good for the big entertainment industry, and investment talents in this area will also become active.

Optimizing organizational structure and introducing excellent young blood have become the focus of corporate human development.

At present, for companies, recruiting may not be a priority, but optimizing the organizational structure is the focus of the current work. On the other hand, there is a large number of talent needs in business development sector. And the demand of talents that can really bring performance to the company is very high. In conclusion, this stage is the process of optimizing and absorbing new blood.

Job Opportunities are gradually converging to leading institutions

The anti-risk advantages of the leading PE/VC companies have been fully utilized during the epidemic. We can see that resources are slowly gathering in some of the leading institutions, and the job opportunities of good institutions and funds are gradually opening up. During the epidemic, many job seekers' career plans turned to stability. Kobe suggests that candidates should seize the opportunity of the leading companies no matter the effect of epidemic and economic situation. For non-leading companies, candidates need to pay attention to their reserves in terms of projects and funds, and those institutions that have uncertainties in fundraising must be carefully considered.