The offline retail industry has suffered a significant impact, reducing the demand for employment by 50%

Victor is the head of the CGP Retail & Luxury team. Last year, he led the team to achieve over 10 million performance. He was unexpected for the situation at the beginning of 2020. The impact of the epidemic on the retail industry was huge. With the large-scale closing of offline physical stores and shortening of business hours, Victor received a 50% reduction in the company's employment requirements compared with the same period last year. The number of cases currently in operation is also sharply reduced about 1/3 to 1/4. At the same time, offline traffic is being diverted to online on a large scale, and the demand for talents in e-commerce companies is rising.

As the domestic epidemic gradually stabilizes, offline retailing is recovering, and postponed recruitment will also be on the agenda. Victor predicts that the number of jobs in the retail industry in the first and second quarters will decline significantly compared to 2019, and will rebound even overpass from the third quarter.

Demand for e-commerce and digital marketing talents surges, and senior management positions are advancing normally.

The offline retail industry in most areas of China has resumed operation, but the mass consumer psychology and consumption habits have not yet been reversed, and the offline retail data is not satisfactory. For most companies, the first quarter is not the perfect time to recover performance. The second half of the second quarter and the second half of the year will be the competitive period for performance. In general, retail companies are still waiting for the outbreak in the second half of the year, and some sales positions in offline retail will also increase by then.

The explosion of e-commerce and new retail has led to a surge in employment demand, especially in the back-end positions such as analysis, drainage, and new development related to digital marketing. In terms of consumption categories, health care and health care products are ushered in a consumption boom, and residents ’ basic food, clothing and transportation needs have reached a high point under the stimulation of Valentine ’s Day and Goddess Day consumption during the epidemic.

Victor believes that the senior level of the company will not be affected by the outbreak, and these are also key roles that can lead the company to cope with the difficult situation in a special period.

For the positions currently being recruited, video interviews have promoted the progress of the entire recruitment process, and the demand for talents and salary and benefits have not been affected by the epidemic situation, which are stable at the market average.

Golden application period may not be as difficult as you think, but don't rush to make a choice.

Obviously, the golden application period in 2020 will not be a major shuffle in the job market, but Victor feels that "danger" and "opportunity" coexist. At a time when the choice of a considerable number of talent career trends is more conservative, there will be fewer competitors in the same position. Previously, A large number of talented people have applied for new opportunities during this period of time. Now the number of people who seek the opportunity may reduce by 2/3, which means that the appropriate talent with interview has a higher chance of success.

For the talents who are looking at opportunities in the retail luxury industry, Victor believes that it is not practical to conduct shop surveys in the field. It is suggested that talents can take advantage of current opportunities and do more online surveys to better understand the atmosphere and culture of the company and the position matching degree, think more calmly, until you are fully prepared to decide your own choice.

Regarding the talent requirements of Retail & Luxury, CGP is always On Call

Victor believes that all recruitment companies and headhunters in the retail luxury industry are experiencing a difficult period. However he and the team do not have time to be confused. The epidemic ia a great test for the industry, and the brave never retreat. He encourages the team to have empathy, to learn more about the status and needs of the partner companies during this period, and to respond to the talent needs of the other party as soon as possible.