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Industries in Singapore are affected by the Covid19 Outbreak, at varying degrees.

In terms of industry, due to the closure of worker dormitories mandated by pandemic containment measures, labor work came to a halt thereby considerably implicating the Construction and Manufacturing industries. It is expected that this situation will continue throughout Q2 2020. In addition, the Aviation industry will continue to face huge challenges with the ongoing cessation of major regional and global routes. The continued shutdown of most retail malls across the island will deepen the decline in the overall performance of the retail and food & beverage industries, but with convenience channels and delivery services poised to usher in greater business opportunities. Hospitality industries have also taken a bad hit during this period. Some of the active industries who are still hiring are the technology space and IT space.


CGP O2O Co-Founder and Asia-Pacific Managing Director, Sean Ng, would like to share some advice to both organisations and talents:

Suggestions to Organisations:

1.    This is the best time to hire.

2.    Do not stop interview and recruiting talents in this pandemic. On the contrary, expand your engagement with top-caliber candidates in your market to secure a definitive edge over your competition.

3.    Utilise technology in your talent engagement initiatives, such as incorporation of video or interactive media in your job description instead of plain word format, for more prominent employer branding and advocacy.


Suggestions to Talents:

During this specialperiod, as a talent / candidate in the job market you could:

1.  Be bold in seeking for new job opportunities! This is especially true for senior candidates, as the value you could bring in times of uncertainty is significant.

2.  Engage more with trusted recruiters to have an accurate gauge of the market pulse and movements, and thereby strategically align your own career roadmap.

3.  Elevate your personal branding by creating a stronger professional profile, both on and offline. Embed keywords into your resume which could effectively increase your profile match, especially with organisations using AI-matching technologies in their screening process.

4.  Increase your digital presence / footprint e.g. creating a video introduction profile on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

5.  Try to get internal job referrals from friends / ex-colleagues. Internal referral continues to be a highly valuable candidate sourcing platform for organisations in Singapore.

6.  Take advice when you need – always be open and receptive to career advice from seniors, especially for young budding talents out there.

7.  Be open to considering contractual opportunities instead of limiting yourself to only permanent openings – adjusting your expectation in a changing market allows you to navigate with better agility.

8.  Your previous / most recent compensation should not be an overly emphasised parameter in assessing suitable job opportunities. Focus more on acquiring sought-after skillsets that would improve your employability when the market rebounds.