Kelly Yan: Meet the needs of clients with courage and empathy

The sense of belonging and security are not only the closest affections of human being, but also the expectations of mid- to high-end talents to their employers.

In recent years, many new first-tier cities, led by Chengdu and Hangzhou, have introduced favorable talent policies to attract a large number of people of gift. The development of cities is inseparable from the support of talents. However, in the process of urbanization, the emotional needs of individuals are often ignored. The group of "ant tribe" in big cities is no longer the dream chased by young people. The new first-tier cities are more inclusive, where people have more freedom, which makes increasing number of talented young people choose to return to the lands full of vitality.

Kelly Yan, as a member who returned from the first-tier cities to the new first-tier cities, not only brought back the pioneering spirit of "dare to be the first, open and innovative", but also integrated it into the national Go West strategy to deeply develop the new first-tier city-Chengdu.

As the founder of CGP Chengdu office, Kelly Yan ushered in the fourth anniversary of her employment. She has also obtained many insights for more than 1,000 days of hard work, along with the growth and experience of the Chengdu team

Dare to be first and seize opportunities

Four years ago, Kelly Yan, who has made a few achievements in the industry, found the rapidly emerging CGP Group with her sharp business sense.
Kelly was attracted by the entrepreneurial spirit when she first met partners of CGP. Inspired by CGP's perfect training system and transparent promotion standards, Kelly, who was enthusiastic and proactive, seemed to have found her energy planet, so she was determined to take over the important task of opening up the CGP Chengdu office. She firmly believed that she can explode the energy inside her to forge ahead as long as she was given a proper platform to wield.

Setting up a new office is not an easy task. From office site selection to employer recruitment, Kelly did everything on her own, constantly striving for better goals in talent database construction, business development, newcomer training, etc.

Unremitting efforts have yielded fruitful results. The CGP Chengdu team has absorbed nearly 20 professional headhunting consultants in just four years. The main business covers mainstream industries such as healthcare, technology, and financial service. It has served more than 200 clients and issued more than 500 offers for 4 years.

⬆ The new Chengdu office

Show empathy with people-oriented mind

"Make clients greater is to make CGP greater.”

This is Kelly's management philosophy—putting clients’ needs first with strong empathy. Also, Kelly permeates these concepts into her daily work all the time and unreservedly teaches everyone who joins CGP Chengdu these communication skills. Between personal interests and collective interests, Kelly always puts priority over the latter, which is one of the characteristics of the serving leaders.

Even in the tough 2020, Kelly has taken the characteristics of the serving leaders to the extreme, giving team members chances for putting forward advice and suggestions, providing constructive help at key points, and maximizing their value based on the personality of each member.

As a result, the new consultant can get an offer within 2 weeks in the fastest case under the comprehensive training system. The united CGP Chengdu office forged ahead, and surprisingly achieved a 200% growth in contracting business in 2020.

Diversify the layout of industries with an eye of keeping pace with the times

As the central city in the southwest region, Chengdu is on an important national high tech industrial base, trade and logistics center and comprehensive transportation hub. Appointed by the State Council, Chengdu, the China's happiest city, is interwoven by the rapid development of commerce and the slow inheritance of culture.

Walk with me on the streets of Chengdu, and you will find R&D centers of well-known electronic information technology companies at home and abroad, back-office technology centers of first-line Internet companies, shared service centers of multinational companies, high-end intelligent manufacturing industrial parks, and more.

Continuous optimization of the business environment and good competitiveness have promoted the construction of the core cities in West China and brought a steady stream of new opportunities and demands for high-potential talents. In response to the strategic development of the city and the needs of clients, CGP Chengdu, under the leadership of Kelly Yan, has reviewed the current situation and diversified its layout in healthcare, technology, financial service, consumption and other industries, providing essential suggestions for the development of talents in West China. In the past four years, CGP has promoted the transformation of Chengdu's talent market from being extensive to being precise, and has further improved Chengdu's core competitiveness.


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