From December 6 to December 7, 2018, the CGP 2018 Annual Meeting was held in Shanghai. CGP Executive Leadership Team: Chris Watkins, Sean Ng, Jillian Wu, Sally Li, Alfred Chu, Sophie Wong, Peter Liu, Derek Kenny, Norman Lau, Rico Xiao and other groups attended the conference together.

This conference was mainly divided into two parts. The first part was Chris Watkins (Co-Founder) reviewing the achievements of CGP in 2018 with colleagues at the meeting, and proposed a new plan for CGP O2O brand strategy development in 2019; the second part was leadership training for key executives of offices around the world.

On the morning of December 7, the CGP Annual Conference was held at the Shanghai Hotel. At the meeting, Chris Watkins (Co-Founder) proposed a new strategic development plan for CGP O2O (2019-2023), highlighting:

▶ Signed a contract with Gu Lu to open new options in the intelligent era; proposed digital marketing solutions;

▶ Focused on the introduction of the CGP O2O brand system, explaining from three aspects: "what is it, the main function and where it can be used";

▶ Newly elaborated the group organizational structure;

▶ In the next few years, we would expand new business areas and add new offices worldwide;

▶ In 2018, CGP's performance continued to grow and achieved a historic breakthrough; at the same time, it sets a new performance target for 2019.

On the morning of December 6, Chris Watkins (Co-Founder) shared a brief discussion with the team leaders from around the world on issues such as "insight about people," core values of CGP ", and he also pointed out that CGP is a people-oriented companies hope that everyone will share their ideas with rich thoughts and learn to reinvent themselves constantly before being broken by the outside environment.

In order to improve everyone's leadership in the work, we invited Michelle Chan (senior lecturer) to communicate with participants. She conducted an in-depth discussion on the topic of mindfulness leadership in the workplace with everyone present. At the same time, she also taught everyone how to maintain concentration in the era of information explosion, how to effectively deal with high-intensity work, and how to balance work experience with issues such as emotional management.

On the afternoon of December 6, the team leaders participated in the designer's thinking workshop to discuss the implementation of the CGP O2O transformation process. The group discussion was enthusiastic, and many creative ideas were generated in the process.

Looking back to 2018 and looking forward to 2019, all CGP colleagues uphold the spirit of never giving up, constantly innovating and making breakthroughs, and look forward to playing an important role in the new development stage of CGP. So far, the CGP 2018 annual meeting ended successfully.