On November 28, 2018, CGP held a theme forum entitled ‘Adapting For Changes In The Consumer Industry‘ at Swissotel Grand Shanghai. More than 50 multinational companies and senior leaders of local enterprises participated to discuss topics such as consumer insights and the influence of online businesses. CGP partner Sophie Wong and Shanghai office general manager Norman Lau attended the forum.

The event was hosted by Kourosh Asghari, CGP Consumer Industry Director. The keynote speakers included Jason Yu of Kantar Worldpanel, Steven Zhu of Pacific Epoch, Jason Zhang of Atrium and Cristiano Marcarios of Ab-Inbev. The content of the meeting mainly covered many aspects such as nutrition and organic food, health products, e-commerce trends, new media and customer relationship management. The atmosphere of this meeting was warm and full of passion, and the guests obtained new perspectives from the consumer industry and discussed the incentive measures and actions that could be taken.

Jason Yu, (Kantar Worldpanel, Managing Director), delivered a keynote speech entitled "Unlocking the Growth of a New Era". He advocated the redefinition of consumers, social media, purchase channels, and the role of purchase.


Steven Zhu, (Pacific Epoch, Senior Analyst), delivered a keynote speech "From an investor's perspective, how to demonstrate the growth and opportunities of the e-commerce and consumer products industry".


Jason Zhang, (Garden of Life, Managing Director), shared a case study of the Garden of Life with the guests, and mentioned how social media and digital marketing can affect business on a large scale. He said that high technology has brought innovation to customer relations and supply chain management, and business models have also changed over time.


Cristiano Macarios, (Ab-Inbev, Sales Director for Asia Pacific), through his personal experience, talked about how to understand and narrow cultural differences, and better communicate with Chinese customers.

The CGP consumer industry theme forum ended successfully. Since then, the 2018 CGP series of activities has met its end. For more details, please pay attention to the official news of CGP.