On January 13, 2020, CGP co-founder Sophie Wong attended the ‘Global Service Provider Program’ Promotion Conference held in Jing’an District, Shanghai. CGP was honoured to be awarded the certification as of joining the directory of the first batch of ‘Global Service Provider’.


The ‘Global Service Provider’ program was launched by Jing’an government aiming to build Jing’an the core carrier district for the concentration and allocation of global resources in Shanghai. Jing’an intends to enhance core competitiveness, investment attraction, radiation influence and function carrying capacity significantly by implementing this program. In addition, gathering enterprises, organizations and institutions with high brand awareness will assist Jing’an to build world-first-class business environment and excellent service system and provide them with professional, convenient and high-quality services.


As an important member of ‘Global Service Provider’ in Jing’an, CGP will help Shanghai to build an international talent service hub and make it a ‘global human resource allocation highland’.