Award | CGP Group's 2020 Management Meeting was successfully held

On December 18, 2020, the CGP 2020 Leadership Business Meeting was successfully held in Shanghai, gathering over 60 leaders and 13 heads of CGP worldwide offices. Board member Alex Zhou, Morgan Stanley’s Managing Director and Co-head of MSPE RMB Funds, and Phil Zhou, Morgan Stanley’s Executive Director, as well as investor representatives Morgan Stanley's Managing Director Lei Xu and Midea Capital's Emma Yang were also present to attend the meeting and deliver speeches. Together we conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as the challenges currently facing CGP Group, improvement measures, and our 2021 strategic initiatives.

The conference was kicked off by a remote connection from Chris Watkins, CEO of the CGP Group. Chris shared 5 Actions for "Serving Leaders"——Run To Great Purpose Together, Upend the Pyramid, Raise the Bar, Blaze the Trail, Build on Strength, laying the foundation for the corporate culture of the CGP Group in 2021 and beyond, encouraging team leaders to remain confident and forge ahead despite adversity.

Alex Zhou analyzed the challenges and opportunities of the human resources industry on the structural issues of the current global macro environment. The Chinese market contains opportunities for development. And Alex expressed his confidence that CGP Group will become a leading human resources company in Asia.
Rico Xiao reviewed the rapid growth of the group's performance in the past five years and the course of business diversification. In addition, a detailed analysis of the performance achieved by each office and business unit in 2020 was carried out. At the same time, a detailed strategic definition and explanation of each core driving force of the group's business growth was carried out, so that each business person in charge of the future company performance, direction and strategy can have a fuller understanding and confidence.

During the morning session, Joyce Goh was awarded the very first CEO Award based on her modeling the CGP values of Abundance Mindset, excellent commercial performance in 2020 and "Goes way Above and beyond" work ethic and time commitment to deliver results. During the meeting, both the company founders and the team leaders made a clear understanding of important business goals from their own perspectives, and put forward many feasible solutions. Everyone broke down the barriers of the departments, conducted in-depth communication and discussion on the improvement of company management and provided suggestions for the development of the company.

The afternoon meeting mainly broke down the important steps from the Group to the departments, rationally arranging the resources and processes, ensuring that the department managers and above could reach a consensus and act in concert. CGP leaders should focus on the 5 pillar strategies, including the upgrading of human resources technology, global industry and brand layout, entrepreneurial corporate culture, internal business structure optimization and the establishment of the best business support departments in the industry. In addition, short-term, medium-term and long-term goals were formulated respectively for a compelling blueprint for the CGP Group to carry forward in the future.

It is noted that the managers of various business units put forward suggestions for the establishment of a more complete and more humanized mechanism for retaining talents. In addition, a special focus on the support and promotion of newcomers, which can actively enhance the sense of participation and accomplishment of employees, subtly affect the team atmosphere and further enhance creativity and confidence, thus increasing customer satisfaction and profit. The conference came to an end in recognition of the achievements of CGP Group members in 2020 which include Rising Stars in 2020, New Frontier Award, Best Abundance Mindset 2020, Business Process Award 2020, Key Account Manager 2020 and other prizes were awarded.

In the face of fierce market competition and a changing market environment, the leaders of the CGP Group Companies set an example to pursue excellence in 2021 across each business unit, geography, brand, support function and service line.


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