CGP CFO’s Insight | Technology empowers domestic and international talents, helping Chinese companies transform and upgrade

In order to promote the exchange and cooperation of the industry and promote the development of the industry in a more international and professional direction. Sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the "High-end Headhunting Industry Development Forum" was held in the afternoon, discussing how headhunting services can contribute to the talents introduction.

Rico Xiao, CFO of CGP, attended the forum and shared his insights on "Technology empowers domestic and international talents, helping Chinese enterprises to transform and upgrade".

Rico said: Relying on the industry agglomeration effect of the industrial park, and benefiting from the increasing demand for talents from enterprises, especially the increasing demand for talents from domestic local enterprises mainly in Shanghai, and Shanghai’s gradual relaxation of talent introduction policies, CGP’s mid-to-high-end talent recruitment business has achieved leapfrog growth in the past few years. It can be said that CGP has enjoyed the multiple dividends of Shanghai's economic growth, domestic enterprise development and policy opening.

At the same time, based on the background of the international founding team and the grasp of macroeconomic policies, CGP has not only continuously improved the business layout in Asia-Pacific and North America, but also worked out a competitive business module to introduce technical and operational talents based on the industrial transformation and upgrading of Chinese companies. At the same time, relying on the national “Belt & Road”strategic initiative, CGP also serves Chinese companies to go global and lay out an international business and talent network. While realizing the development of its own business, CGP has effectively assisted the transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises, making talents introduced in and enterprises go global.

As the representative of the organizer, Ding Feng, Director of the Shanghai Human Resources Service Center also mentioned that human resources are the first resource, and even a strategic resource that is in short supply in today's global competition. Headhunting services are Shanghai's main market-oriented channel for the introduction and effective allocation of international and domestic talents. It plays an important role in building Shanghai into a global talent highland, realizing the construction of "five centers", and promoting deepening reforms. I sincerely hope that through this event, we can maintain and promote everyone's enthusiasm for headhunting services and high-level talent services.


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