David Wang: Meet needs in consulting eye to explore the true value of talents

.At 9am in the morning, David Wang, who was dressed in a suit and looked calm, came to have an interview in the Shanghai Office of CGP Group. Just half an hour later, he hurried to meet the client again.

Accumulate industry information and practitioners with the help of consulting experience

The route from Beijing to the Yangtze River Delta is very familiar to David. Before switching his career as a headhunter, David, who used to be a pharmaceutical project manager of a consulting company, traveled frequently along the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. Five years of project experience gave David a clear understanding of the overall situation of the pharmaceutical industry. He personally participated in almost everything from dealer compliance inspections, medical data audits to DDI medical circulation management. Due to the experience, he also knew a lot of sales and marketing people in this industry.
Of course, as headhunters, the real relief is in the recovery of hiring needs. Since the third quarter, our customers' demand has picked up. Team and individual performance is getting back on track. In September, all my team members had output. The new Team in Shenzhen made two orders, and Lynn in Shanghai accomplished four offers in September! It all adds up to the best month in the history of our financial services team!

In the past five years, David visited almost all districts and county-level administrative units in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai on business. Occasionally, the beautiful scenery posts in the Moments of WeChat were envied by others, but this kind of life of "having a business trip, or preparing to have a business trip" was not what David wanted. Young people in their 20s always hope to have more greater challenges and space for growth and development.
The challenge should be the same as everyone else, mainly reflect on the reduction of hiring demand, and waiting period for clients’ decision. 

Find new discoveries on the professional track due to actions of kindness

Due to the resignation of the previous project leader, David began to formally consider his career path. It happened that David received a call from a headhunter and got acquainted with each other. However, due to personal reasons, he couldn't accept many high-quality job opportunities recommended by the headhunter. Feeling guilty, David shared a name list in the industry with the headhunter, which helped him complete a few cases.

This headhunter friend thanked David and suggested that he could be a good headhunter, which gave David much confidence to discover new possibilities in his professional path.

However, the road to happiness is always full of hardships. The first year of transformation was not that smooth as David expected, going into and out of high-end office buildings, meeting industry C-level leaders and elites, to complete many cases through talking life and dreams. The beautiful imagination was instantly obliterated by the fact that he had to worked in the space of less than 50 square meters in an old building where three college students who just graduated in the team. As a "predecessor" who had had many years of work experience, David started to guide everyone in business, making him feel a bit upset.

Unwilling to give up and break the barriers to find Blue Sea market

"Why some other people can do well, but I can't?" With a spirit of reluctance to admit defeat, David began to use consulting thinking to conduct investigation and analysis of the headhunting industry, and get to know senior consultants from different headhunting companies. From US-owned to private, from large companies to small ones, David used his spare time to figure out the business models of various companies in the pharmaceutical industry. The detailed data combined with personal experience allowed David to target the front-end R&D position in this industry.

"If you do everything, it means you didn't do anything. The inherent differences between people are not that big, but the differences between the acquired ones depend on different outlooks on life. There is a saying goes, 'brain determines pockets, thinking determines the way out.' Find the correct position, accumulate resources, and persevere in doing it, one day you can get the life you want."

Successful people, first of all, are mature people who have both achieved glories and fallen into failures. All previous experiences have confirmed David's choice of pharmaceutical R&D fields with higher barriers and smaller market shares.

The core motivation to join CGP is due to the power of role model

After researching into more than a dozen of headhunting companies, CGP Group entered David's vision. The CGP in 2017 was far less powerful than it is now, and it was still in the stage of gaining momentum at that time. The reason for attracting David to join the CGP Group is that in addition to a free and open working atmosphere and a creative team, the more important reason is that David saw the power of role model.

During the interview, David met Peter Liu, Vice President of Life Science at CGP Group. In the conversation, Peter shared his experience of how to start as an Associate Consultant and finally become a VP in more than 7 years. Peter said, "CGP is a very fair stage. As long as you have the skills and are willing to do it down-to-earth, CGP will definitely give you a room to play."

The humility and hard work showed in the talk allowed David to match himself with a suitable career development opportunity. In March 2017, David officially joined the CGP Group and was determined to work hard and achieve more.

It turned out that in less than a year, David became the CGP Top Biller. Now, David has completed a number of C-Level and above cases, and has also helped clients build a global RA team. In addition, David also used his consulting background to complete the mapping in the pharmaceutical industry with his colleagues. He has developed the by-products of the industry report for the reference of venture capital companies, not just surrounded the search for high-end talents This also completed the CGP internal cooperation between Life Science and PEVC team, bringing more profit possibilities.

Accomplish each other by offering solutions for talents and clients

"The job of a high-end headhunter is to bridge the information asymmetry between the client companies and the candidates. To do a good job, the most important thing is to think about what maximizes their interests and what value can be created from the perspective of their sides respectively."

As gentle as his appearance, David does not want to simply define headhunting services as "talent sales." Short-term economic benefits are likely to bring negative effects to candidates, client companies, and consultant themselves.

The continuation of the epidemic has allowed the life science industry to gain more attention and investment. When applying for a job, C-level executives generally have their own opinions, so we must have a deep understanding of the needs of the candidates, rather than imposing them to take office in the client company. David said that he usually lists the needs of the two parties and matches them one by one. Some are suitable for signing full-time contracts, while others are suitable for temporary instructors. The key is to provide customers with as many solutions as possible.

Sometimes an order will be completed after several months of searching, just to meet the needs of clients, and to make candidates willing to serve the company where they can fully play their personal strengths. "The core of retaining talents is to provide them with a future where competitive compensation and benefits are provided, as well as an ambitious dream waiting to be fulfilled."

Due to the urgency of the itinerary, the interview was hurriedly finished and David's professionalism and calmness were fully demonstrated in the 30-minute talk. Walking out of the meeting room, David would embark on another journey. Let us wish him all the best and hope that the dream will be as hot as ever.


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