Kourosh Asghari, Vice President of CGP Consumer, was invited to give a speech at Australian National University

⬆ Kourosh was giving a speech at Australian National University

October 29th, the "Australian National University Career Development Seminar" co-hosted by the Australian National University Shanghai and Pop-up Learning Space was held in Shanghai. Kourosh Asghari, Vice President of CGP Consumer Goods Industry, was invited to deliver a speech on "How to Carry out Career Development Planning" at the Seminar.

Targeting at school students and fresh graduates, the seminar aimed to help them make career plans, absorb the successful experience of outstanding alumni, understand the employment situation, prepare for interviews and resumes, thus improving their comprehensive competitiveness in the workplace.

As the most loyal partner on the career path of talents, CGP mentors who are deeply involved in the field of recruitment can provide consulting services for professionals at different career stages, from the overall career plan, industry prospects to career development paths of different functions. CGP can help candidates to position an accurate and customized development path in workplace and clarify their career goals.


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