The outstanding people of CGP have already written their strong fighting ability, fast learning ability and their indomitable spirit into their blood. In these 8 years, the people of CGP have quickly adapted to the environment, found new industry breakthroughs, possess excellent cooperation. While continually improving their teams' fighting ability, they have also helped CGP fight through the pandemic smoothly, creating a headhunting realm legend.


"People" are the keystone to CGP's development, team cooperation and winning as one has been our way of survival. Suitable "people" are the pillars that support CGP's fast progress, and in the future CGP will inevitably take off with the "right" people to create a miracle.  


Hiring the "right" person: Past performance is important, but CGP also values potential.

CGP's mission is to help clients find and hire the "right" person, to us, finding the right person is one of the most vital elements of CGP's talent strategies. Combing together my previous 20 years of experience, regardless of the company size or what stage of development they are at, as long as they find the right person their future advancement will be a smooth sail. For example: when employees are positive, are self-driven, disregard low management costs, have high morale and fighting ability as a team, there will be no doubt about their expertise. For the company, an essential element of talent hiring is it determines an organization's future foundations for performance and is a crucial determinant of success.


In a sense, headhunting is also a driven sales industry; therefore; when we hire ourselves, we also place great focus on a person's past performance. However, we may be different as we care more about our talent's innate quality and growth potential. This is because we are future-orientated, CGP's platform is only beginning to take shape, and we are still far from our strategy to enter into the global market completely. To achieve this, we hope to find talent who enriches, empowers and continuously drive development together with our company. In other words, we do not hire for the purpose of money, but rather hoping that we can develop more top tier consultants and team leaders, even internally minded talent who can single-handed manage a brand.


 What is the "right" person for CGP?

CGP is a fast-growing platform that in the past 7-8 years the company has expanded from 6 co-founders to a team of around 600 people. The overall business has been through a few ups and downs that have allowed us to stand firmly in China's headhunting industry. Only after meeting Morgan Stanley, our company culture truly began to become team-orientated and accelerate our global reach. Today, we are comprised of 15 branches and 8 sub-brands. For an organization like such, we need talent who can keep up with our company's fast growth and who are self-driven into shape. However, talent who seek a smooth and comfortable ride or who struggle to have self-breakthroughs are not suited for CGP. The second aspect is that the people of CGP need to have robust adaptability and adjusting abilities. For example, one of the most critical points of our company culture is to "breakthrough boundaries", we ask our employees to work together and achieve constant self-breakthroughs. Without following conventions, but following market and industry change, our consultants must have the ability to be open-minded and have sufficient business acumen to adjust themselves according to market and client needs. The third aspect as said before, CGP's scope is growing with an increasing number of sub-brands, leading to a more complicated employee structure. One of CGP's advantages is its brand inclusiveness, however deciding the position and relations between brands and teams have become a big obstacle for CGP's development. At the same time, any fast developing organization will face many problems, although CGP seems to be soaring ahead in the industry, during the process, there have been too many experiences of struggles or failure. We see the problems and difficulties, and we will not ignore them, every single employee of CGP needs to face and solve these "growing pains" together because we believe the right people doing the right things together lead to a new future. This is why CGP's people must have a forgiving and positive attitude. Those who are too self-centred or only having an interest in the success of small groups will struggle to have a stable and long future with CGP.


Retaining employees: The implementation of care systems for new employees. Individualized strategic support to help every little dream come true.

Ever since the 6 co-founders founded CGP, the enterprise continually takes on social responsibility, contributing to the education of societies in poverty. Being a large volume headhunting company with over 500 employees, CGP goes beyond giving back to society and are committed to building a more complete platform with a better sense of belonging. This will allow CGP to become stronger with solid backing and the most reliable business partners.


In respect to humanistic care, in the past few years apart from CGP's implantation of ESOP, in this year of 2020, we will implement new employee insurance and health care plans with industry benefits. We will also expand the amount of employee's commercial insurance, amount of insurance claims and implement worker health check plans and more. Even before the pandemic, the company faced many challenges. But we are determined to provide our employees with more assurance and a platform with a better sense of belonging. As a member of the company's management, I know we are far from perfect, but in terms of employee care and retainment, we will do our very best.


In support of employee development, during the start of 2020, the CGP University will push out online training systems for employees to become digital, instantaneous and flexible. In support of employees' self-growth, knowledge sharing and knowledge levels, courses will be tailored for employees at different levels. Beyond the internal training system, we are also making a mentor program for middle to high-level management, through inviting management and experts from external industries to help optimize our people's leadership ability and vision.


Another point worth mentioning is the fact that CGP is a multicultural, open and inclusiveness enterprise that attracts a lot of young consults. For those born after the 90s and entering the workforce, CGP is well prepared to support their unique growth, determined to start from an inclusive perspective. In accordance with their hobbies, we will carry out events to strengthen their interactions with those at the management level. The flattened management structure gives young talent a more extensive space for growth.